To the Crucible Family,

We've been hearing some interesting stories for the last few months and now is the time to separate fact from fiction.

Let's begin with the rumor that I (Frazier) am on my death bed, and no longer able to run The Crucible. Except for the fractured elbow I got last month while I was Trikke riding (I ran into an unmarked telephone pole guy wire at 20 MPH), my health is as good as it's been in 3 - 4 years. I'm joining Carla on the slopes at Whitetail later this winter. I challenge any of you to keep up. To quote the inestimable Mr Twain, "The rumor of my demise has been greatly exaggerated".

In addition, there are over 50 staff and volunteers who keep the doors open and the place running flawlessly. I could go away for months and the Crucible Family would not notice a difference in how the club is run.

The second rumor that is making the rounds is that The Crucible will be closing.

The Crucible is Absolutely Not Closing!

But, (there is always a but) we will be moving from 1816 Half Street, SW. With the success of Zeigfelds and our new neighbors with the bike shop, our little abandoned warehouse has now become valuable real estate. Great for the area but not so good for us.

So where are we going? As of this writing we have not settled on a location but are evaluating several options. By the time we are ready to close up shop at Half Street on April 1st we hope to announce our new location. If any of you know of that perfect location near you, by all means, let us know (DC is preferrable, MD is OK, VA is out). While our search is vast, we can't check everywhere. Who knows, you might be responsible for finding our newest home.

While we have had a wonderful decade at 1816 Half Street, SW this is not the first change The Crucible has made. We began as a road show, setting up equipment in various nightclubs (Tracks, The Edge, etc.) around the city. When we finally opened at 1816 Half Street, SW we were a shell of what we are now. The expansions, the renovations, and the numerous upgrades to the space did not happen overnight and we owe The Crucible Family much thanks for their sweat and time in making The Crucible what it has become.

Our new space will carry on the tradition of being the alternative lifestyle community space we set out to become ten years ago when we arrived at 1816 Half Street, SW. We remain committed to serving all aspects of the sex positive communities of kink, swingers, gay, lesbian, trans, ponies, etc.

What do we need you to do? Everyone in this community has put something into making the Crucible what it is today and we want to continue that well into the future. We want you to continue to come visit The Crucible Family at 1816 Half Street, SW. We want you to "get naked and play". We will continue to accept memberships, they will get you discounts to events we will produce, whether or not we hold them in our own space (Academy, Camp Crucible, etc. - look for more).

We are open, and tickets are available HERE for our upcoming big events: The Crucible Academy ~ ROPE in February. And don't forget the 22nd Leather Fleamarket & Play, and Whittney's SuspenDC in March. There are plenty of Open Play nights on the Calendar, don't hesitate to come and help us close this latest chapter in the Crucible story. Look for the final blow out weekend on March 25th & 26th. We want you to look forward to our new changes and be prepared to make more memories. We are ready for the next chapter in The Crucible story and we want you to come along with us!

For the Crucible managers and volunteers

How far have we come? I recently discovered four pictures of the warehouse space we're in, as it was when I first leased it years ago. Check it out:

Facing the front. This is where the smoking/pool room is now. Both the doors you see were bricked up.


Facing front. This is now the bar and bathroon area. You can see on the left the pre-existing cut through the two buildings where we expanded into the "Annex".


This is the office structure we removed

Facing back. On the left is now the back deck. All the openings were bricked in and windows installed on the left.

Compared to now