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Leather Fleamarket & Play

Leather Fleamarket & Play #31 ~ Oct

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As soon as we get our permits all in order, we'll announce our new location here

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Consent matters

Welcome to The Crucible, Washington DC's Only Alternate Lifestyles/BDSM Private Club


While we - still - wait for the District, we've put together some kinky river cruises on the Potomac.

Big Assed Boat

Dates: Sept 18, Oct 2, Oct 16

All Friday evenings leaving @ 7:00 PM from the Washington Marina.

Tickets are available at the Ticket Center

We are:

A 501(c)7 non-profit PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUB
We have a certificate of occupancy
We have a T/A certification
We have our basic business license


While we are busy building out our new space, here's what the front now looks like ~ ONE shade of Grey.

New Front Door

NOTE: The neighborhood has justifiable concerns that we operate as a Private Club, and that nobody can simply walk up and get in off the street. MEMBERSHIPS ARE REQUIRED. You must get your membership prior to coming to an event. You may NOT walk up and get a membership. That requires going to the membership page HERE and joining. That means we have your real name and address on file. This data is sacrosanct, and will NEVER be disseminated to anybody... EVER


Online memberships available after reading the membership page HERE

Operating hours generally are 9 PM - 2 AM

(But check the calendar to make sure)

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